Southill Community Energy is a new
community benefit society. We aim
to help local people and groups reduce
carbon emissions.

Our first project is Southill Solar, a 4.5MW solar farm that will create enough energy to power most of the homes in Charlbury, Finstock and Fawler for 25 years.

Now, more than ever, the world needs the spirit, leadership example, and
actual emissions reductions that community energy projects like this
embody. The US, and to an extent the UK, are stepping towards fossil fuels
and away from clean energy, just as the majority of other national
governments, many local governments, and thousands of communities the
world over are going the other way. I thank everyone involved, and hope
Charlbury will enjoy its candle for hope as much as I will.
— Jeremy Leggett, founding director, Solar Century

Southill Solar

Southill Solar is our new solar installation. It will generate enough green energy to power the equivalent of all the homes in its three nearest parishes, Charlbury, Finstock and Fawler, for 25 years. 

Community benefit

SCE has a community fund which we use to invest in a range of local, low-carbon projects. We use the projects we fund as exemplars, to help other communities find energy-efficient solutions.    

The environment

We're excited about the environmental benefits Southill Solar will bring. As well as cutting carbon emissions, we're using the site to improve local biodiversity, supporting plants, birds and bees.

I think the best way to help stop climate change is if we all do just a little bit…”
— Jody, Charlbury resident, on why she's a member of Southill Community Energy

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