Southill Community Energy is a community benefit society. It is registered under the Co­operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014.

This means we’re governed by a set of rules that specify:

  • what we can do in business

  • how we should be run

  • that we are for the benefit of the community, not of the members

SCE was registered with the Financial Conduct Authority on 16th November 2015.

Read more about community benefit societies.


SCE is governed by a constitution, and the constitution rules can only be changed by member votes.

The financial returns will be independently audited and published to you with full transparency on financial performance and ongoing viability of the business.

An AGM will be held every year to review performance and for members to vote on resolutions proposed, including the election of executive and non-executive directors to the board.

SCE directors

Originally set with three founding members, there are now five non-executive directors. Members will be able to elect executive directors, on the basis of one member one vote, at a meeting to be held within six months of the company’s date of registration (16th November 2015).

Each director is a member and will receive interest on any investment in exactly the same way as other members. The executive directors are paid a basic amount to cover the operation of the community business.

The non-executive directors put their time in on a voluntary basis.

Who runs Southill Community Energy now?

For the while, Southill Community Energy is run by the non-executive directors and a group of local people with significant experience of renewable energy, community enterprises and business management. See details of our team for further information about their skills and experience.