Bond offer: invest in Southill Solar

We're offering a total of £350,000 in bonds. These pay annual interest at a fixed rate of 3.5% per year for 5 years.

It's looking like our bond offer will end well before the end date of 1 May so please do send us your application if you might like to buy some bonds.

Join us in our mission to generate green energy and to encourage, inspire and empower local people and organisations to reduce their carbon emissions.

How to apply

Our bond offer application document has full financial details of the offer. Fill in the application form and post or email it to the addresses given.

You do not have to be a member of SCE to apply.

About the bond offer

Number of bonds on offer
350,000 bonds of £1 each are offered.

Interest rate
3.5% annually until maturity. This is a fixed, annual rate of interest.

5 years from issue date.

Bond interest payments are made gross of tax.

Interest payment dates
The first interest payment will be made on the first anniversary of the issue date and so on each year until the end of the term, unless bonds are redeemed early (see below).

Issue date
The bonds will be issued on 1 June 2018. Last interest payment date 1 June 2023.

Capital redemption
Bond capital will be repaid on 1 June 2023.

There is no automatic right to early redemption. Bondholders may apply for early redemption of all or part of their bond holding. Any request to redeem may be given to the Society in writing and, if approved, repayment will be made within 3 months. Bonds which are redeemed early will not attract partial interest for the year in which they are redeemed.

Bonds will not be listed on any stock exchange and are not transferable (i.e. they cannot be sold or traded). The interest payments and redemption payment will be payable to the original Bondholder. 

A sound investment

In its first year, Southill Solar generated 3,866 MWh of solar electricity, and saved 1,359 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.

This is in line with the output modelled when the solar array was planned – in fact we have slightly exceeded our targets to date.

Investing in SCE presents everyone with the opportunity to help secure our vision of a greener, cleaner, healthier future while enabling you to receive a fair return on your money, at a competitive rate which will be tax-free for some people. The purchase of bonds should be seen as a social and environmental investment to support the aims of SCE.

Questions? Get in touch

Please do use our contact form to get in touch if you have any questions about our bond offer.